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Mini Detail


The Mini Detail package is a lovely little package that combines the best of our services, in a smaller package. This package is designed for the busy customer that still needs a complete interior and exterior detail clean. 

The Mini Detail package includes a full exterior scrub down that has that perfect amount of elbow grease to get out all the grime, but also that little bit of gentleness needed to keep your vehicle’s sensitive exterior safe from scratches. Our team of mobile detailing Jacksonville specialists finish off the exterior wash with a microfiber hand dry that is designed to be more gentle than the average drying towels and keep your stunning paint job free of damages during the drying process. Your vehicle’s windows will receive a streak-free cleaning inside and out until they are so clear you have to look twice to tell if your window is up or down. Your vehicle’s whole interior will receive a complete vacuuming to rid it of any pesky dirt buildup and dust bunnies. Don’t think we forgot about your tires and wheel wells! Those will receive a full cleaning and degreasing, followed by a protective treatment designed to slow the effects of daily wear and tear.

Mini Detailing starting at $129.99

We guarantee top-notch car detailing services provided by a team of the most qualified and trained professionals that the Jacksonville auto detailing industry has to offer. Our team has many years of hands-on experience, and, in that time, we have worked with almost every type of vehicle you can imagine. We provide speedy service, but our quality never wavers. Our car detailing Jacksonville FL experts love what they do. It is evident in the thorough transformations we create. We are your go-to resource for any mobile detailing service your vehicle will ever require in Jacksonville, FL. Whatever you need, we are here to help.

Your car will look brand new, inside and out, by the time we’re finished. We provide detailing for your car’s interior and exterior surfaces to ensure your vehicle looks great all around. We all know it’s much easier to have fun driving your car around when it’s free of dust and grime. Our mobile auto detailing Jacksonville FL service ensures that you’ll be looking flashy as you drive around town in your brand new-looking vehicle.

In life, you know that not everything is created equal. That is especially true when it comes to automobile detailers. Not every detailer is the same. What sets us apart from the rest? We ALWAYS guarantee our work. We provide damage-free, spot-free, and streak-free cleaning.  We don’t skip over the corners. This is exactly why we are here. In an age where vehicles are highly important parts of our daily lives, a reputable professional mobile car detailing service is a must. Nobody wants to waste time or money with car washes or detailing services that simply don’t care about you or your vehicle. We are different! We treat your vehicle the way we would want someone else to treat ours. That way we can ensure all our customers will only receive the best care possible, and we can deliver customer satisfaction guaranteed cleans every time. 

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