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Valet Wash Package


Are you one of our valued customers for Jacksonville auto detailing, who already spend some time regularly cleaning your vehicle, but you are looking for that little bit of extra tender loving care for your mobile machine on wheels? Our stellar Valet Hand Wash package is a perfect option for your vehicle as a well-earned gift to you both! This is an extraordinary service package that offers you that extra little bit of finishing touches to give your fun-loving vehicle its best look to date. Let us give you that “showroom quality” clean on your vehicle. We provide all your auto detailing services, at an affordable rate, with the luxurious quality you expect, complete with that new car smell. Call us today for a mobile car detailing Jacksonville FL! We have the special touch that is gentle enough for fragile areas but still tough enough to erase seasons of damages at the unforgiving hands of Mother Nature. 

Valet Wash starting at $79.99

Our Valet Hand Wash detailing package gives your ride some special, well deserved, and much-needed TLC with: 

    • A complete exterior cleaning covering every nook and cranny on your vehicle from top to bottom and bumper to bumper.
    • A thorough microfiber hand-dry will be perfect for helping to keep all surfaces safe and sound during the cleaning and drying stages. 
    • Streak-free and Spot-free Interior window and glass cleaning every time.
    • Streak-free and Spot-free Exterior window and glass cleaning each time we work on your vehicle.
    • An all-inclusive vacuuming of all front and back seat surfaces as well as carpeting and floor mats to eliminate all those pesky crumbs we all get from eating while driving or riding with kids snacking between stops or anything else that can often clutter up our seats and the areas around them.
    • A thorough wipe down of every surface on your vehicle’s inside to keep your interior looking spotless with every detailing we provide you and your ride.
    • An all-inclusive deep cleaning of everything around the door jams to completely combat grease and dirt build-up that can stain and damage the space around your doors. 

Our thoroughly trained detailing specialists strive to have every customer’s vehicle completed in less than an hour. So this service package is great for customers who need to get in and out and back to their crazy schedule. If you are in the area and you’re looking for a high-quality mobile auto detailing Jacksonville FL to give your car some tender loving care, call us for our incredible Valet Hand Wash service and leave your car looking the absolute best. We strive to give your mobile machine on wheels the best possible care every single time, without you ever having to leave home. We come to you wherever you are. At an affordable rate, this service option truly is a great deal. If you’re ready to give your car the time of its life with unlimited TLC and a sparkling finish, give us a call for the best mobile detailing Jacksonville has to offer. 

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